Sam Smith @ The Greek Theatre (Sept. 29, 2014)

I know I wrote a fucking depressing album. But I’m a happy person and I want to fall in love again.

-Sam Smith



The cold crisp air surrounds the ever so secluded Greek Theatre. Far away from the city traffic and telephone lines (which meant a bar or two of signal, if you’re lucky), the U.K. rising artist, Sam Smith, serenaded over 5,000+ people of all ages under the starry night.

Sam Smith, the 22 years old U.K soul capturing singer that rose to fame thanks to Disclosure’s catchy upbeat song, “Latch” played his first, out of two, sold out shows in L.A last night.

I didn’t really hear that much buzz about Sam Smith until I watched The Brits 2014. Of course, since I’m an avid BBC Radio 1 listener during the summer time (I’m a night owl when summer nights roll in), I have heard his name a couple of times, but didn’t really pay attention.

However, my co-worker was really into Disclosure before Coachella 2014 made me listen to “Latch” workday after workday. After hearing the catchy tune repetitively,  I knew had to YouTube the amazing and passionate voice behind the song. Listening to the acoustic version of “Latch” was like watching a sad Nicholas Sparks movie’s end credits because it was so sad and just perfect. I was hooked.

I knew that I had to see this man live. And I did. And it was amazing.



                         Lemonade seems to be the pre-concert food choice between my friends and I.




Concert adventures with Tuesday. (YES, that is her real name. And yes, it’s kinda weird how she’s named after a day of the week, and I’m a month.)




The opening act, The Broods, a New Zealand brother-sister duo that consist of Georgia  (19) and Caleb (22) Nott,  pumped the crowd an hour prior to the main event. The Broods music is very catchy, and a hint of Ellie Goulding-esque voice and aura can be found during their performance. Their electro-pop-synthesizing music is very catchy and really easy to dance to and get with thef flow. Like The 1975, it was kinda hard to understand the main singer, Georgia, because of her accent, but overall they were amazing. I really loved the song “Bridges”, and they are so enthralling that I actually downloaded their album right after the concert, and very interested in going to their show at the El Ray Theatre on October 13th. (Still waiting on friends to go with me).








Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


The show seemed pretty short. Sam only sang for an hour, and it felt too short for me. He started with “Nirvana”  with his band opening when the curtains pulled up, and continued to do more songs from his recently released album. “In The Lonely Hour.” Sam kept on repeating that he knows that his album was pretty depressing and he focused his song on his personal experience. (He ONLY wrote 5 songs about 1 person. Har dee har.) Throughout the whole concert, I was very really into it and was on my feet the whole time.

Before covering Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know,” Sam really emphasized on his love for powerhouse divas, like Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, and his idol, Whitney Houston. He sung his heart out and poured his soul throughout the whole song.

I always kinda giggle when people leave right before the encore. I’m pretty sure that every single concert ALWAYS have an encore. His encore songs were his breakthrough radio songs, “Latch” and “Stay With Me”. I swear. He sounds exactly like his album, if not better. His feelings and passion can really be heard in every song. From start to finish, I was very entertained.


Besos, my darlings.

x. April Mae


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