Los Angeles Living

I’ve lived in Los Angeles since I moved here in America when I was 8. But I didn’t really start living and exploring till I was about in high school/college.

Going to concerts was my get away from everything. From school, family, friends….

Los Angeles is so diverse. So many different places to go to and you can go a few miles north or south and feel like you’re in a whole new different part of the city.

My friends and I love to explore what Los Angeles can give us. Yelp & Instagram are our best friends when trying to find new places to visit.

I’ve made it a goal for this summer to explore all the tourist-y places/hyped places I could think of.



The Bates Motel:

Whenever I scroll through my recommendations on Instagram, I always happen to see at least one picture of this hotel. This hotel was turned into a piece of art and painted all white.

Curiosity got a hold of my friends and I and we decided to visit it since we were at Sunset Blvd. already and little did we know that we’ve always passed by this place without knowing. We got several people in cars staring at us while we took pictures, and some walking their dogs. But, we couldn’t resist the opportunity for aesthetically designed buildings.

California Donuts  

I have aunts who live in Koreatown and always visit and it’s a shame that we haven’t gone to California Donuts before. Shame. But in all seriousness, these donuts are too cute to eat, and taste amazing. Fluffy and soft.

LACMA lights 

LACMA has always been a destination for tourist. It’s part of the museum row in DTLA. We once had to go for my brother’s art project and it was amazing. We explored inside the building for a few hours and I couldn’t get enough of it. And we didn’t even roam around the other two buildings. But, before deciding to call it a day, we wanted to take a picture with the lamps. If you haven’t watched “No Strings Attached” and didn’t fall in love with the date scene, I don’t know what to tell you. But I’ve always loved that movie and always wanted to take pictures with the lights.

Dialogue Cafe

My friend Tuesday and I discovered this gem while we were roaming around Sunset Blvd (surprise!) and wanted to Yelp something. To those know me, I’m a sucker for coffee. And I love cafes. This ma and pa show hidden in the corner is always welcoming and the owners are too sweet. I’ve gone a couple of times, and I always have stories to tell afterwards because I’ve had a few weird encounters here.

(It also doesn’t hurt that Harry Styles actually comes here sometimes… which I found weird.)

There are still so many places to explore in LA and I have defo been lagging around postings. I have  so many in drafts that I haven’t finished. And it’s embarrassing. But.. here’ to summer and more postings.


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