Upper divisions.

It’s official. I am officially moving on to my upper division in college and actually studying the craft I want to in life. I’m a communications major and it’s finally weird to say that I’m going on and starting in a new school this fall.
My last grades came out, and it didn’t hit me till now that everything’s going to change from now on.
Junior college/community college was like a safety blanket for me because it was the time of exploration and trying to figure out what I really want while doing my general education courses. I decided that I didn’t want to apply to a university in high school because of so many factors: my parents sending all 4 of us through college and we’re all 2 years apart, not having an idea what I really want to do, not wanting to take my SAT’s and just being not ready.

My mother’s death obviously changed my mindset. After she passed, it was down to one parent sending all of us to college and paying for our wants and needs. And I was stuck in a rut. I figured out what I wanted to do, and I’m thankful that I had parents who supported my life decisions and just wanted all of us happy with our lives and jobs. Even if I do have some relatives that were constantly telling me that I wouldn’t find a job with my degree, but for some reason, have now turned their opinions around and somewhat supporting me as well.
Now, it’s the real thing. My undergraduates. I’m going to be starting my Bachelor’s of Art at Cal State Fullerton, and I’m going to be a Titan. It’s just insane how the next two years is going to be a busy and crazy ride.

This summer though, it’s gonna be one for the books. Concerts after concerts. Concerts basically lined up back to back. And I’m ready for it.


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