On The Road Again: San Diego and Boston

Started from San Diego, now we’re here (in Boston)

It seems crazy that I actually travelled almost 3,000 miles to see my most beloved people.
I never got the chance to post my San Diego concert experience for One Direction, and it seems appropriate to make a post on that now and the Boston show since they did start and end One Direction’s North America part of the “On The Road Again” tour.
I’m still in disbelief that it’s over.
I’m always am excited for a One Direction show because you buy a ticket a year in advance and wait till your countdown notification say 100 days, then 30 days, then 10 days, 1 day, then SHOWTIME.

My history with the loves of my life

I’ve known One Direction since they started out in X Factor. I remembered during auditions, I’ve loved Harry. And to this day, I still love him. I became obsessed with them on Tumblr, but I was so busy with school and academics that I didn’t get to see them during the Up All Night Tour… and because it was sold out and the same weeks of competition week during choir.. So basically, I had to settle for the DVD. But college changed everything. College basically became the platform for freedom to actually see them in person. However, they basically made it huge. You can’t deny that one has never had a 1D song stuck in their head for at least a day..

Long story short, I’ve gone to several events they’ve been in, but my most memorable ones were probably VMA’s 2012 and TCA 2013.. but those experiences are for another story.

Take Me Home Tour is probably going to be one my of my favorite concerts, and the ones where I really lost my voice. (And the last concerts my mum waited outside for). But Where We Are Tour in Pasadena was also memorable because I went with my FAM!

So when On The Road Again tour was announced, you bet our asses that we tried to get our seats. We didn’t really care if we had mundane ones, as long as we were there. However, deciding to go to either San Diego or Santa Clarita was the problem. We decided to go to SD because 1. THE FIRST SHOW OF THE NORTH AMERICAN TOUR and 2. It was only a 2-3 hours drive compared to the 7 hrs drive to SC.

So my friends and I traveled a mere 4 hours from our homes to get to the venue. We decided that we wanted to stay overnight because 1) Our friend who was driving us, Cait, didn’t want to drive a long drive on the way home filled with traffic from Los Angeles County natives like us and 2) IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH TRAFFIC. We’ve learned from our Rose Bowl shows that it takes around 2 hours just to get out of parking.

I have been waiting for this concert for the better part of the first half of the year. My love for these boys are indescribable. And my friends and I were so overwhelmed with everything leading up to this concert day. It basically kicked us off to the two weeks full of concerts we were going to be attending.

We started our day at 5 am after coming home at 1.. and surprise surprise, I didn’t pack.

Good thing I already picked out my concert outfit a month back and I had no worries over what I’m supposed to wear. 4 hours later, a trip to the mall for a couple of hours and a quick check in at the hotel, we were finally HOME.

Outfit: Forever 21

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On The Road Again; One Direction
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San Diego show was definitely a concert to remember, and not just because it’s the show where Harry fell and emotionally bruised his ego, and started that awareness war with Sea World, but it was the show that kicked off summer and because I was just with my friends that  I considered family.

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Flash forward to a couple of weeks, and summer was flying by and almost over. I was itching to go to another One Direction show. One day, I kid you not, I literally woke up, said YOLO out loud and started looking for concert tickets that was outside of California. Mind you, I haven’t traveled beyond Utah since I was in 4th grade when my family and I decided to go to Kentucky for Christmas. So, it was exciting.

I convinced my friends, Caitlyn and Tuesday to go to an out of state concert with me. We had originally planned on going to the New York show in Buffalo, but someone pitched the idea of why not going to Boston for the last show. And that was that. We found it super funny and IRONIC that we didn’t want to go to the Santa Clara or Seattle show because at that time, we thought it was too far and a crazy idea. But now, we’re flying 3,000 miles to go to Boston. But hey, it was the last show. Started in SD, ending in Boston.

It was exhilarating buying a plane ticket for the first time and going out of state without my parents. With a plane ticket, a hassling hunt to find floor tickets, and a hotel & a car. We were finally on the road again.




We had time to kill before we checked in our hotel so we decided to be tourists. I mean, when in Boston, do as the Gilmores do. Felt like Rory Gilmore going to Harvard. 


And of course, lobster roll and clam chowder from Quincy Market.

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Sky Tower

We originally planned our Sky Tower trip at night, but when we went, it was rented out for the night for a special event. We should have known though since we did arrive at Boston on Sep. 11.

I’ve never been the east coast before, and let me tell you, everything is so differed compress to what I’m used to in California.

First of all, it felt weird being the tourists living in California, which is a tourist’s wet dream, you get used to tourist asking you questions and such, but being the rousing is different. I guess my friend and I kinda stood out because  we did look lost and tourist-y and when people asked where we were from and we said California, their first initial question is why we would even go to Boston. I find it funny because Boston is so full of history and I would have loved to go exploring and stay there for a couple more days than or units 2 and a half day stay.



Our glow-in-the-dark poster that was drenched by the end of the show.


I actually had the chance to meet my Tumblr friend, Lydia (@staycrispyy). When I found out that she lived in Boston, I couldn’t wait to meet her because I love her blog and everything about her.

BTW, I’m pretty sure getting super tipsy over a strawberry margarita (insert DAVE. Do you think Margaritas are gay? joke) during a 1D concert was something I wasn’t prepared for.IMG_9159



IMG_9179IMG_9180IMG_9206 IMG_9224

If you’ve never been to a One Direction concert because you think they’re not your type, well I dare you to go to one and say you weren’t remotely fascinated as to how these boys can completely charm an arena full of people and turn them into mush in a span of 2 hrs.

Every single one of the members are amazing and captures your attention with their charisma and character.

I feel as if every single of them had step up to the plate since Zayn left and have covered up the holes that he left magnificently. I mean Liam’s runs and Harry’s riffs are just heavenly. And not to mention Louis’ lead in No Control and Niall’s guitar playing and “we took a chonce” line, what more could you want.

The concert itself was magically. I’ve never been to a concert where it started pouring when the main act was playing. When Icona Pop and Augustana performed, it was absolutely fine. But once the boys came out, so did the rain. It was an amazing feeling though. Just being free, and having fun with one of your best friends while you’re halfway tipsy during the first part of the show was definitely a keeper.  Also, despite our hard work with our posters and sneaking it  in the venue, halfway thought the show, it was drenched and we practically used it s an umbrella.

It was also the closest I’ve been to catwalk during a 1D concert. My friend and I managed to snag seats at the very end of the catwalk, almost by B stage and 1D’s family, friends and management were behind us. And it didn’t hurt that they boys were constantly on our side because of it. And H did go down on his knees for us during Girl Almighty.


He got down on his knees for me. @harrystyles SOOOOO CLOSE.

A video posted by April Mae (@aprilmaeee) on Sep 12, 2015 at 9:20pm PDT

I’m still a little bit upset that they took down “Happily” and my all time fav, “Strong,” to replace it initially with Spaces, and later on changing it to “Fireproof.” But I can’t complain because they also added “Drag Me Down” and “Act My Age.” All in all, it was one of my favorite 1D shows, but I wished he rest of our squad was with us. (Shoutout to Nessa and Abby.)

Back to LaLa Land.

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I’m pretty sure everyone goes on a really long Post Concert Depression after a 1D concert. And because they are taking a year long break after their On The Road Again Tour, it just made the Boston show more special to us.

See you in 2017, One Direction. I’ll be patiently waiting.


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