Fast Forward

It’s been quite a while since I actually wrote a blog post. I’ve really been procrastinating on posting so many thoughts and memories. I have so many posts on my drafts & all unfinished.

Well, it’s been 6 months since my last post and so many things have happened.

  • Finished my first year as a transferee at CSUF and finished my junior year.
  • Unfortunately was involved in my first car accident…
  • Went to my first Con! (Very exciting and very new)
  • Traveled some.
  • Learned some.
  • Adult some.

July has begun and this whole month will consist of nothing but working because…. AUGUST means a week in NY. Then my senior year as an undergrad. It’s just hitting me that I’m about to adult some more in the next 6 months… Lord, help me.

But, since I finally have some down time to blog, I am definitely going to be blogging soon. So many things have happened and so many more are coming up and they just have to be blogged, saved and shared.




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