The Journey to Bullet Journaling — 17 Goals in 2017.

I know I’m late on the whole bullet journaling. I’ve honestly always been a lazy journaler and blogger and well, March is a perfect month to start. I’ve never really been the type to start resolutions or goals in January. Well, March is pretty perfect because it’s a month before my birthday, and well, it takes 21 days to make a habit… so… hopefully those habit catch on and help me improve myself before turning 24.

So………. March = the start of my bullet journal journey and also me blogging more. I even downloaded the WordPress app on my phone. I’m actually pretty dedicated now.

So, to start off this new chapter in my life, here is my 17 goals in 2017.

  1. Hydrate more & try to choose the healthiest choices. My skin & body will thank me more.
  2. Blog more!!!
  3. Take more pictures & actually put it in my bullet journal or album..
  4. Start saving $$.
  5. Travel more. (Planning to visit Chicago, Seattle, and NY again this year)
  6. Count blessings daily, be happier & try to look at the positive, instead of the negatives.
  7. BIG PURCHASE. Save enough money to purchase something big before the year ends.
  8. Take time to workout once a day. Even if it is 30 or 45 min. Or an intense workout video online. I mean, I’m not getting any younger and I’m pretty sure my
  9. Take time to reflect about my day and life.
  10. Stay connected with people and friends, and things that matter to me.
  11. Be more adventurous.
  12. Cook more. (I  don’t cook as much as I used to… or ever…)
  13. Wash face nightly (if you know me, I’m the worst) and stat taking skin care more seriously (Again, I’m not getting any younger.)
  14. Decorate jean jacket with more pins and patches.
  15. Get more tattoos that I’ve planned on getting.
  16. Don’t deprived self with concerts.
  17. Meet my sunshines.

Some of the goals are very vague and more of a reminder to myself.

So… here’s to that.

And, hope I achieve majority of it and I GROW.


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