Intro & Gap Year.

So we’re 5 days into September and I told myself I was going to re-launch my blog. But hey, it’s better late than never.

I am probably the most open person ever when you meet me. If you know me, you know that my self-disclosure is little to none.

But to those who don’t know me personally, have only met me once or just know me because you follow me on my social media accounts, get to know me a little bit more through my blog! ( I am also trying to blog at least once a week, if not more!)

I’ve just recently graduate from California State University, Fullerton (class of 2017) with a concentration in Communications in Entertainment and Tourism and a minor in Human Communications. I decided to pursue communications because growing up, I never really saw myself being in the medical field or whatever Filipino parents expectations and my parents knew that too. They were both really supportive of me. I also like to talk to people and the entertainment industry. I know majority of people do PR, and it was my second choice of major, but fun fact: I don’t like writing press releases.

Before graduating, I decided that I wanted to go on a gap year before adulting and joining the workforce. I know some people go straight to work or continue on their internships and get jobs. But for me, after going through the internships I did, it made me realize I really need to take a step back and see which industry I really want to get into and not hate myself in the long run.

Also, I needed to enjoy myself. It was always all work and no fun and I’m determined to change that. I want to travel and experience new things. Whether it be with my friends or by myself, I just want to live. Life is too short to regret thing or not live to the fullest (let me tell ya, I learned that the hard way.)

September is a crazy month for me and I hope to take you on the beginning of my year long adventure.



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