Current covet wish list and future “treat yo self” treats.

I am a firm believer in working hard and treating yourself. To those who have known me for a bit or even looked at my other social media platforms (or my jean jackets), you would know that I am a huge Parks and Recs fan. I consider April Ludgate as my spirit animal in a whole different level and probably the only April character on TV that I love.

SO… I am a firm believer in TREAT YO SELF.

I’ve been blessed enough to even have time to have a gap year (Even if my dad is constantly pressuring me and hoping I start applying for grad school soon or sometime during my gap year), and working two part-time jobs that enables me to save up for what I want in due time.

So… here are some of the things that are on my wishlist and hope to buy myself as the year end, as a treat yo self or even as something I want to save for as my 25th birthday gift to myself (next April).


  1. & Other Stories Boots ($200): You honestly cannot go wrong with black boots and I’ve heard so much about the brand and the quality of the boots. I am beyond tempted to buy them boots because you cannot have too much black boots and because it’s pointed. I love pointed, witch like shoes. I was tempted to buy these babies this week but I am going to NY at the end of the month and told myself I should save up. But.. I will be buying these babies really soon.
  2. Ray-Ban Round Circle Sunglasses ($155): I have these sunglasses in a foldable pink mirrored ones and they go everywhere with me. My foldable ones are so comfortable and make any outfit look cool. I really want the OG circle ones with a bigger frame because the bigger the frame, the better for my round face. These are something worth investing and since I live in California, will definitely use on the daily. (I really leave a pair of sunglasses in my car compartment and my foldable ones are always in the bag I am using for the day.) Hopefully I’ll get these soon enough *after tour madness*
  3. Prada Cahier Astronomy Bag($2,200): This is unbelievable gorgeous and is the epitome of me in a bag form (fun fact: my middle name is ESTRELLA and in Spanish, that means star). I honestly would even settle for a dupe.
  4. Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis ($1,780): This is like my dream bag if I ever do get a job and will become my work bag. This just screams effortless.



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