BLEACH X LA Pop Up: Bleach Secret Mansion

“Life’s a bleach, and then you dye.”

Mermaid hair. Rainbow roots. Pastel and aesthetically pleasing hair. Bleach London is the salon that revolutionized the hair game when they opened in 2010 with only a single chair and sink in a nail salon in Dalston, England. Flash forward to 7 years later– a second location in Topshop Oxford, a third salon in Berwick Street, and its own beauty and hair range, Bleach is finally coming to America!

I’ve been an avid follower of Bleach London since One Direction’s stylist, Lou Teasdale featured its hair products in her social media. It was always been a dream of mine to travel to England and get my hair done in the salon and get my hands on some of the products that’s reached a cult following.

This past year, I really have been experimenting with my hair a lot.

Can you believe I used to be so scared of change?

I had such a long hair back then and only stuck to blonde color melt/ombre as my hairstyle. After chopping 14 inches of hair, I was keen to change. I honestly can’t remember how many times I’ve changed my hair this year. I was a constant in my hairdresser’s chair and she was happy to experiment with my hair. I’ve gone pink, blue, purple, and my favorite, steel grey.

Keeping up with such a high maintenance hair color is not only a long of process full of hair appointments trying to reach the lightness (I really do aspire to have Draco Malfoy’s hair sometime in my life.. but I HAVE DARK BLACK ASIAN HAIR.. It’ll happen someday!), but the cost of it and also taking care of it properly to keep up with the longevity takes a lot! Be prepared to have unexpected hair colors! My grey actually turned green for a bit and I couldn’t handle it.

I bid my grey hair goodbye for about 2 months and went back to an ashy blonde. But after countless of hours looking back to my photo album and looking at other people’s hair, I wanted to go back.. well, at least for winter.

I was VERY lucky enough to be invited to the Bleach Secret Mansion in West Hollywood last weekend where I met the brand’s co-founders, Alex Brownsell and Sam Campbell, and its beauty range founder, Sam’s twin sister, Lou Teasdale.

Lou also had a mini Q & A and meet and greet with other beauty bloggers earlier in the morning and met her and the other girlies. (Fun fact: I actually met her when I was still interning for the Late Late Show and actually got in trouble talking to her. But she loved my hair back then (it was grey!) and she also said she remembered me!) Lou is such a lovely woman with absolute hair goals! She’s so down to earth and an absolute babe! I was seriously coveting her outfit, especially her hat! I respect her so much, first as an artist that she is as a hairdresser and makeup artist, and secondly as a business woman who’s also independent!

I also met the lovely Eleanor (Snitchery). I am actually a new fan of her and and talked to her about going to school, how to start her platform and also mixing those two in.


A waffle and ice chai later, my sister and I finally arrived to the event. I told Lou earlier that I was invited and was so excited to see her first!

Georgia May Jagger also personally introduced herself to us! (What a legend!)


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The Beauty and Hair Bar was amazing! It had all the Bleach hair and makeup products.

It was when Lou called Alex when the fun began! Alex explained the mansion and how the bar works. She also did a consultation on my hair after I told her how badly I wanted to go back to grey hair and she not only walked me through it, she personally reached for all the products I needed to go grey and also how to maintain it. I told her about my problem with my hair turning green and she educated me on the color wheel and all the products. Alex also mentioned the miracle product that is the Reincarnation Mask. Since the event was on its last day, they were running low on product and the mask was long gone. (I was also planning to purchase the mask at Cult Beauty regardless and had 2 in my cart logged in my computer) However, Alex really wanted me to try it and she literally went her way to personally give me the was she was using in her trip so I can try it! She was an absolute babe and was so generous with all the products (THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX!!!)

A boxful of hair products, some eyeshadows and lipstick later, we were able to just hang around the mansion for a bit and talk to other Bleach London people! I absolutely loved Tash D’Allura, one of Bleach London’s renowned colorist and hairstylist. She was working on someone’s hair that obviously turned out amazing. Their PR was also an absolute babe!

Before leaving, Lou personally sent us off (with more pictures) and she became the first person (in the industry) that I gave my business card to!

The amazing beauty guru and hairdresser extraordinaire, Lou Teasdale.




I am honestly so excited to try out all the makeup bits, but more excited for the hair!

I cannot wait to go back to grey! I actually texted my hairstylist about the products and she was so excited to use it on my hair!

Thank you the Bleach London team, Lou, Alex and Sam for the invite and I can’t wait for Bleach to become a permanent fixture here in the U.S. and worldwide!

P.S. I also took pictures on my disposable camera (hopefully it develops well!)


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