Things To Look Forward To

I feel like 2018 is really coming together. Aside from working my two part time jobs during my gap year, I feel like everything is finally coming together.. well, adventure and fun wise.

I do have some personal things going on in my life right now that I am terrified to even come to terms with and it won’t be resolved until the fall of this year. But despite that, I know that I cannot live with fear and be anxious about it. I need to start living life.

So, I’m trying to immerse myself in fun experiences and for adventures for the time being.

So here are some things to look forward to in the upcoming months that I WILL BE BLOGGING AND VLOGGING ABOUT. I feel like NOTHING MAJOR has really happened for me to blog about and well, APRIL is definitely kicking everything off.


3/28: James Bay at the Belasco


4/1: Lakers vs. Kings

4/12-14: Portland with friends and also Wizard World with Czar for.. SEB OF COURSE!!!

4/20-22: Working Coachella for Porch Pops!

4/28: 25th BIRTHDAY


5/7: Arctic Monkeys at the Hollywood Cemetery

June and July

Harry Shows: TBD/TBA

7/20-22: COMIC CON!!!!!


8/5: Niall at Irvine Ampitheatre

8/13: Mom’s 5th year

8/18: Ed at the Rose Bowl

8/20: Niall at Red Rocks


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