About Me

Greetings my loves. I’m April Mae and like my blog title, I’m always overly caffeinated. I tend to function more when there’s coffee or some sort of caffeine in my system.

I’ve graduated with a  Bachelor’s in Communication. I enjoy writing about my experiences in life– whether it be being a fangirl, going to concerts, stressing over school work, or life in general.

I love going to concerts. The thrill of just being there and seeing your favorite artists live gives me a sort of high. Being one with the crowd in a sea full of people can be suffocating (And I may had a panic attack once, or twice, or more), but I love the thrill of it.

I love traveling and experiencing the culture around me.

I had taken a breather from life and took a gap year but life happens and I think there’s a bigger plan for me this year, which includes moving back (for good) to my mother country, the Philippines.

I’m going to be documenting my life, experiences, travels and daily thoughts.

Follow my journey!




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