One Direction @ The Rose Bowl (Sept. 11 & 13 2014)

After many stressful nights of constant concert tickets pondering, hunting, and scavenging.
After patiently counting the days down from a year from now, to 6 months from now, to 3 months from now, to 1 month from now, to tomorrow, the day has finally arrived.

One Direction and 5SOS are back in town.

5 Seconds of Summer have been here and back in LA a lot this year, but it’s a rare sighting when all the 1D boys are back in town. I have never been more excited for a concert this year. I knew the weekend was going to be crazy and tiring. It will be full of tears, sweat and hard work.

September 11: Show #1

-Pre-show- Meeting 5 Seconds of Summer

My friends and I didn’t imagine we would be meeting the 5SOS boys. We always have a prayer circle whenever we try to meet them, but we always come out with an empty gas tank and less money in my bank account. (Basically, I pay for my sister too..)
After a hectic morning of going to school, picking up my paycheck, and going to Glendale, everything worked out in the end.
My friend, Cait, runs an update account, and her insider told us where 5SOS were going to be. Since we were already in the area (visiting her co-owner’s motel), we finally arrived. After probably half an hour of waiting, we were ready to give up, and also because SUVs “left.” While walking back to our car, we spotted the SUVs yet again and plot twist. THEY WERE LEAVING THROUGH THE FRONT.

Well, I guess this is self explanatory.

Why the awks hand, Mikey?


Polaroid with our sunshine


The struggle of not knowing where to look: The Polaroid or the phone?

Michael was a giant compared to me, and I can honestly say, that was one of the awkwardest hugs I have ever given and received… maybe next time.

THE SHOW (9/11 & 9/13)

I honestly wouldn’t trade this whole weekend for anything. Even if the parking was a nuisance.. $40 and being stuck in traffic for 2 hours was just frustrating.
The boys, both 5SOS and 1D, and Jamie Scott were amazing. I had chills throughout the night because I couldn’t believe that it was California’s turn to experience this tour. After “This Is Us” tour ended last year, I wasn’t as excited for “Where We Are” because of my Mum’s death. My Mum was with us. [ Flashback: I remembered before she passed away, I told her that all I wanted for my 21st birthday were tickets for 1D. I know for a fact if she was alive, she would have gone with us.]
I know I cannot wait for next year when they’re back again. Maybe this time, we’ll actually meet them or get better floor seats.. Who knows. 
















Besos, my darlings.

x. April Mae





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